Home sweet home

After a long journey, three days, in fact, I arrived back on my family’s farm.  Needless to say, nerves kicked in as my cousin handed me over to Fraudry the 66-year-old game scout, who doesn’t look a day over 40 (no alcohol and cigarets – his tip when I asked how he remained so youthful). There was no turning back, I could have been in the comforts of home by this time, but instead I stood with a trunk full of rations, some soap and a collection of essential oils (citronella, tea tree and eucalyptus my cure to any problem) oh and lets not forget the ‘Herbal drugs, Ebiable and poisons plants’ book I picked up, just in case the beans run out and the wild turns into my local shop. As fraudry filled me in on his time off, nerves began to fade and excitement took over. It’s funny how quickly you forget about city life when you’re out here. Being met with a family of giraffes instead of traffic lights becomes pretty normal. I spent the next day walking up mountains trying to remember the layout of the lands and headed to the tomato fields, to say hello to the workers I’ve made friends with/forced myself upon – I mean 16,500 hectares with two family members any new face is a potential buddy.  I’m also pretty aware I might descend into madness, we’ve all seen castaway (side note must find ball just in case). But apart from the solitude, the magnitude of what I want to achieve, I couldn’t be happier to be back. Today calls for, Proposals! Proposals! proposals! I am trying to apply for grants if anyone has any proposal tips or know of any government grants an email would be greatly appreciated daniellegawler33@gmail.com


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