waiting, waiting, waiting!


Being Africa, there’s been some technical difficulties getting me to the school. Although I arrived on the farm over a week ago I’ve had to wait for someone to return so I can be driven there.

  1. I still manage to get lost even with google maps let alone somewhere without street signs, I think Siri lost her robotic voice at one stage she yelled at me that often.
  2. I tried to ride a motorbike once and I’ve got the scare to prove it so I’m definitely not allowed to ride them just yet
  3. My cousin tried to teach me manual and let’s just say I was called ‘Danielle’ for the first time in a long time, and stalled the ‘un-stallable car’ but hay, practice makes perfect!

I go on two walks around the bush a day, I still haven’t got used to hearing branches break and animals snort behind trees. Today was the first day I walked and wasn’t convinced I was going to die. Well, I did quickly turn around after I noticed a baboon sat on a rock staring at me with his XL teeth. Out of all the animals, baboons have to be the worst. I just don’t understand why they have to make such intense eye contact.

I’m learning about trees at the minute, I can name a few, and yes, I’ve gotten a tiny bit more advanced than the big green one. It’s strange, being out here. I’ve totally lost all concept of time and days, you wake up with the sun and go to sleep when the moon can longer give you enough light. Power comes on for 4hrs both morning and night. No phone connection or social life, has given me time to finally teach myself how to whistle, and a lot of unnecessary stretching and yoga moves (rolling around like a 2 yr old) are taking place. I’m staying at my aunties house until I get approval to stay in the community, and fingers crossed I head to the school tomorrow or Wednesday.

I’ve spent a few days with the lady that helps around the house Nokthula trying to learn Ndebele the local language, and man, all I can say is my English accent has given me very defined vowel sounds that are hard to overwrite! At least I’ve given Nokthula a lot of entertainment, and hopefully ill get my clicks down pact very soon.

The only update I can give you on the school is I have proposals for the buildings and have been in contact with a lady about solar and someone else about water pump costings. As always, if any of you have any bright fundraising ideas, or what to become my new pen pal send a letter via owl too, house by the dam, Bubiana, Zimbabwe

Bush trick #1 relate every animal to a less intimidating version to save yourself from heart attack Eg snakes – big slugs, elephant – overgrown wombat with extra nose and Leopard – the O.G snags (my domestic cat at home)

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