I made it!

Finally I made it!
As you all know, it’s taken me a long time to get back to the school. Heavy rains have effected the already non existent roads. Slush and bush are not a great combination, but I got there! A lot of the children I hadn’t seen before, they all giggled and hid behind each other as I came and said hello. I felt happy and carefree, the feeling you get when your around any group of laughing children. I forgot about the issues around me, sat and played for a bit. Language barriers don’t matter so much with children, as long as you can kick a ball your in. Then me and my cousin sat down, on one of the few desks for a meeting with the teachers to discuss the challenges they face. I don’t want to remove their youthful magic right now, and sometimes I feel like telling the realities of their situation does. Automatically my joy of playing was overridden with the sadness of what the teachers where telling me. Today, i want to remind you all that they are just children, who may be living in poverty but simply just want love and a few balls to play around with. Children who have ambitions and dreams, but unfortunately don’t have the resources. Most aren’t aiming for the moon, simply dreaming of senior school and a job. Fortunately for us, we can be magic, we can make dreams come true. $10 is enough, sure I’d like more. But if that’s all you can give please know a little can give a child an opportunity they previously wouldn’t have received. And to the girls whispering in the back of the class, the boys kicking the football, the infants playing in the mud. I hear you, by reading this you hear them too. Let’s make them aware, lets do what we do every time we see a child. Flood them with love!



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