After spending the last 6months in the bush, the ocean was calling my name and I decided to crash my family holiday to Mozambique. We set off for our two day trip at 5am, a car full of food and cigarettes to bribe officials. An essential I’ve found out in 3rd world Africa. Something ill have to adapt to if I go back to Aus. Sliding a cheeky note to get off from speeding fines won’t be taken as well. We stopped off at a BNB, travelling with 12 children caused for an imminent game of football and a few crushed toes. The water pump for the local area was just outside our rooms, a boy seeing the games being played decided to bring along his handmade ball and join in. Cheers from his friends as he played and some embarrassment as I stole the ball. Feeling like a champ and thankful for all the time my brother had forced me into 1 on 1 in our garden I headed to bed. We set off to our final destination in the morning. Feeling like I was part of a TopGear series as we dodged potholes and cleared sheets of dust off our window. Apparently, this was the main highway. Thankfully we were blessed with an hour of tar road before we hit the beach. Staying on the point we had a 30min drive across the beach, a novelty for me and I wound down the window sitting on the door enjoying the salt air, whilst being educated on low range and 4×4 driving. The beaches there were picture perfect. Turquoise oceans and white sands. Our days were full of snorkelling, gin and boat rides. Nights filled sending the children down the beach to catch the crabs. An honorary mention to Kim who looked like a deranged woman diving for the bouquet at a wedding, as she pushed children out of the way to catch the big daddy in her hands. I took a trip to the local market with my cousin and we spent many hours debating over the bags full of patterned material to revamp her home, with of course a taste of the foods, mainly delicious bread treats. Local fishermen sailed out in handmade boats, a block of polystyrene and a few pieces of wood on either side.  Like every moment in this country, you can’t help but be humbled and astonished by the creativity and sometimes manic ways to survive. My brother always says simplicity is genius, and I think from the taped together material to make a football, to the man who put a plastic chair on top of a polly block to fish on. Mozambique definitely proved it.

( To the group of 29 that let me crash their trip, a million thankyous. I couldn’t have enjoyed the experience more!)

2 thoughts on “Mozambique”

  1. Aww well done Dan you r a true inspiration and we r all very proud of you carry o your good work love you hugs and kisses


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