Farming 101


And so the rest of my farming education began, this time with something a little more active than a butternut. Feeling like Mr.s Tweeny from chicken run – minus the chicken pies (these chickens are laying fertile eggs) I put on my new overalls and prepped for a day of catching birds. 2000 chickens were relocated to their new home 3 hours away. All I can say is, the vegetables may benefit from chicken manure but my face and arms definitely did not,  if you ever want a machine that flings manure at a rapid rate please invest in this winged delight. 5 hours of running after pretty nimble birds, caused for a well needed early night. The following week was spent, less smelly as we hauled feed around the farm and snacked on some much-needed doughnuts. I’ve learnt while vegetables might be a little more pleasant, I definitely have love for these feathery friends and will be investing in pet ones for my future farm home.

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