This was created to keep you updated on my current adventures. I am a 25 year old girl, who is currently sat in the Zimbabwean bush, with hopes to build a school (and much more!) out in a rural community called Chiswene. It is an area with 300 children, passionate to learn, but with minimal resources. No fresh water, only feet for transport, odd paper for books, two teachers, two classrooms and trees for the remaining pupils. With the help of you (following, sharing, funding) and the community, we are wanting to implement change into this desperate but hopeful area.

I travelled to Africa from Melbourne and whilst staying with family I visited the Chiswene community. knowing I had the ability to make a difference a plane flight was quickly changed and Khaki shorts where purchased!

For me, this project is about being a platform for these unheard children, to let them know they have a voice, are loved and mostly be able to give them some of the great opportunities I’ve had in my life. I am excited and extremely grateful to have the chance to create something so much bigger than myself, and I cannot do this without every single person reading this. So Please like, Follow, Share, Support and help this community have the opportunity it deserves!