Getting somewhere!

On Friday, I took a drive to the district school inspector’s office. You see, is not as simple as raising funds to give to the school. You have to get approvals from the DSI and council to donate and help build. I went with my auntie, the headmaster and another teacher. In the heat with no aircon, I sweated my way through the communal land. There are three things in life I don’t cope well with, and first world me comes out to play –  1. Small spaces filled with hot air 2. All I’m saying is hanger is real 3. Bugs thinking, they can nap in your bed and munching on your skin.

115Km on tar highway would take you just over an hour, but not here! 3hrs later we arrived. The DSI, a man whose joy and enthusiasm about children fills the room. Clapped and insisted his 2IC clapped too as we told him about our plans. Things have been slow over the last few weeks. Complications keep coming our way, and when things don’t work you start to second guess yourself. But any doubts I’ve been having about staying here were washed away after the meeting. He made sure we wrote an approval letter there and then, to be stamped by him and sent to the minister. Never in my life, would I have thought something with my name on would be sent to a minister. And like any person brought up with harry potter, all I was thinking was ministry of magic! Maybe no owls appeared but there was some magic, not only in the DSI but in the teacher who came with us. A Local man, who currently works for free. Schools are desperately in need of teachers but unfortunately, Governments are unable to pay. So this valentines day, I honour my post to a man who has nothing but gives everything. Whats next? A little more waiting for the go-ahead and building can commence!