Spiders or what I might call, the grim reapers brother decided to visit me on Thursday, and it has been a dramatic downhill from there. Unfortunately, not like the movies. I didn’t get bitten and woke up being able to climb walls. The only spider-like quality I gained was only being able to crawl for a few days if move at all.  I’m not really a medicine person, despite my mum efforts to make me take pharmaceuticals (medical prof). So I mentally prepped myself for being ill for a long time, but boy it was something else! I’ve always thought I know better when it came to self-medicating. But having no knowledge of how to treat myself or diagnose what this bite was, delusion started to kick in. Three days of staring at the ceiling and I was begging to be taken somewhere. Maybe it was waking up worried an insect was coming to get me every time sweat dripped down my body, or crying walking to the toilet, help was needed. Obviously, there are two sides to every story, and there were a lot of moments I was rather grateful. When your body is in that much pain, and your in-between conscious and unconscious and all you can do is focus on breathing, you have a very successful meditation sesh! I felt like waving a little flag for myself every time I came out of serious fever, I think it gives you some sort of self-strength. (I will also add when watching war movies, I always wanted to know if I would be able to survive what the soldiers did. So maybe there’s a hint of sick and twisted inside of me, and let’s not forget about being a woman and having the power to withstand childbirth). Lay in the back of the car I headed to the hospital. Bloods taken and an infected bite had sent me into some septic rage, minus the shouting or movement. Every little cut, bite on my body started to get infected. Even my left eye decided to join in on the party and began to swell. I was treated with a course of much-needed antibiotics, but whilst the nurse put a fancy form of sugar onto my bite (to draw out puss). I couldn’t help but think there is method to my madness. Sugar was the cure! Anyone who opts for natural medicine first would understand the confused looks you get when you pick lemon and garlic over cold medicine. But I think there’s a more holistic way of healing than a hospital. And nothing says this more than the Fizzy drinks sold in machines as you walk in. I mean seriously guys. I understand all hospitals are different, and Truly thankful for the antibiotics I was given. But I believe there has to be a better way? A place where there is a bit of natural light, soothing sounds instead of nurses shouting down hallways.  Holistic healing with vital medication, a combination of both. I would love to hear any stories of people who have treated bites naturally, what can and can’t be achieved. What did Hippocrates say ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’